Permian Basin
Mineral Management

Valor Mineral Management is a comprehensive oil and gas mineral management and advisory firm that uses a royalty management software called

Permian Basin Mineral Management

Valor is the top mineral manager in the Permian Basin. Our partners and team have generations of experience in Permian Basin mineral rights and royalties management. We live in and have an office in Midland, Texas. Valor currently manages thousands of acres throughout the Midland Basin, the Central Basin Platform and the Delaware Basin in West Texas and New Mexico.

Valor was created with a natural focus on West Texas and to provide a unique approach to mineral rights management services. With generations of working and owning mineral rights and oil and gas in West Texas, our team seeks to combine their outstanding industry expertise and relationships to provide the best possible service to clients. We have experience in specialized disciplines including oil and gas law, accounting, operations and mineral investment, management and divestiture.

Valor currently manages a large portfolio of Permian Basin mineral rights. At Valor, we serve a range of individuals, families, partnerships, trusts, non-profits, universities, institutions, investment funds and family offices with assets in and around Midland, Texas and the Permian Basin.

Valor is a mineral rights service company that employees the use of it's proprietary state-of-the-art software,™, to enable it to efficiently and effectively manage mineral rights with the best mineral software on the market. Valor offers comprehensive mineral management services but can also custom tailor a solution for your particular needs, please visit the Valor Toolkit™ to learn more about the variety of mineral rights services that Valor has to offer.

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