Oil, Gas and Mineral
Management Solutions

Valor Mineral Management is a comprehensive oil and gas mineral management and advisory firm that uses a royalty management software called mineral.tech

Oil, Gas and Mineral Management Services

At Valor, our team of professional certified mineral managers has extensive management experience in oil and gas mineral management. We can help you develop and implement customized solutions to meet your needs. By working with Valor you also have access to a state of the art mineral management software, mineral.techâ„¢. mineral.techâ„¢ is a cloud based platform that allows mineral owners to view comprehensive details about their assets in real time, from anywhere. Valor currently provides mineral management services for more than 50,000 oil, gas, and mineral assets, across one millions acres, throughout the United States.

We offer solutions intended to simplify the process, identify missed revenue and capitalize on new opportunities.
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Mineral Management Services Tailored to Your Needs

Valor offers you the opportunity to tailor our services to your mineral management needs. As a mineral owner, you may decide that you only need select services, like accounting and software, because they best suit your needs. Or you may decide that you want a comprehensive services and want us to manage everything from your mail, distributions and full portfolio management. We are here to serve the needs of our clients and will work to customize the right solution for your needs.

Fee Transparency

Valor believes in fair billing practices and provides transparency in pricing for our services. The days of charging a flat percentage management fee based on your gross income are over. We charge an hourly fee based upon the type of service we provide to the client. We are confident that our clients receive the best value in the mineral management industry.

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