We know that land and mineral management can be frustrating and present challenges that are complicated and time-consuming to address:


  • Avoiding missed revenue due to costly mistakes

  • Ensuring your ownership is verified and up-to-date

  • Negotiating with operators to get the most value out of your assets

  • Organizing paperwork and accessing information about your assets



We offer solutions intended to simplify the process, identify missed revenue and capitalize on new opportunities.

Streamlined Accounting Services

Our legal and accounting experts leverage our proprietary software to provide clarity, eliminate errors and optimize revenue.

Ownership Verification and Correction

Valor’s certified mineral managers verify and update your asset ownership data and provide clarity into complicated royalty ownership.

Negotiation Counsel and Execution

Oil and gas attorneys and landmen with well-established industry relationships advise and advocate for you in lease, division order, right-of-way and easement negotiations.

Proprietary Mineral Management Software

Data experts digitize and store your documents in our secure proprietary software, providing easy access to your asset details, efficient and effective reports and real-time insights to support your long-term objectives.

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