Mineral Management
Advisors and Partners

Valor Mineral Management is a comprehensive oil and gas mineral management and advisory firm that uses a mineral and royalty management software called mineral.tech

Valor Mineral Management Advisors

Valor exists to bring peace of mind to owners of oil and gas assets. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, with additional offices in Abilene, Texas and Midland, Texas, Valor is a comprehensive mineral rights specialty asset management, business process outsourcing, advisory and mineral management consultant firm. We are a team of multi-generational oil and gas professionals and industry leaders who leverage proprietary software to provide security, clarity and revenue optimization for our clients.

Valor is supported by an outstanding team of partners and advisors. Each brings a unique skill-set and knowledge base to Valor. Their expertise is of great value to the company and its clients.

Tom Oil Moncrief

Tom is the manager/member of Moncrief Properties, LLC, which is involved in commercial real estate leasing and development as well as restoring and preserving historical buildings, primarily in the Weatherford, TX area. As a car collector, Tom recently started the Vintage Grill & Car Museum in Weatherford and is expanding the museum to allow other collectors to bring in their cars. He’s also working to create an events center for the Weatherford area. Tom is involved with the Moncrief family’s oil and gas exploration business, handling production and activity in many states including Wyoming, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. He has served on the boards of the American Cancer Society, All Saints Episcopal School, Fort Worth Petroleum Club and Cowtown Cruisin for a Cure (prostate cancer), for which he organized an annual new car raffle which doubled the organization’s charitable donations.

Edward T. McCabe, MBA

Ed is the president of McCabe Energy, Inc. For over 35 years he has been active in the Permian Basin oil and gas industry. Ed has operated and managed numerous oil and gas properties. His responsibilities required extensive interaction with mineral and royalty owners, state regulatory agencies and title attorneys. He received his undergraduate degree from Trinity University in San Antonio and an executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Watt W. Reynolds, IV

Watt graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2002 and earned an additional degree in ranch management from Texas Christian University in 2006. He is on the board of directors for Reynolds Cattle Company and is the managing partner of All Points Customs House Brokers, Inc. Watt and his sister, Ellen, are also the manager/member of Reynolds Amalgamated, LLC, a fourth generation owner of oil and gas mineral rights and royalties.

R. Wesley Moncrief, Jr.

Wesley graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996 with a BA in economics. After graduating, he joined the family business, Moncrief Oil, working in its offices in Houston and the former Soviet Union. While Moncrief Oil is primarily a U.S.-based domestic oil and gas business, the family briefly forayed into the former Soviet Union and took on two onshore concessions in Azerbaijan. In 2002, Wesley earned his MBA in finance from Columbia Business School. After living in Russia for three more years and pursuing oil and gas opportunities, Wesley moved back to Fort Worth, Texas to work with his family and focus on Moncrief Oil’s domestic activities. In 2009, Wesley completed the Colorado School of Mines Petroleum Superschool. Presently, Wesley works with family members alongside other employees on day-to-day oil and gas activities in the Rocky Mountains, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Ryan C. Harrington, CPA

Ryan is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Healthcare. With over 1,600 employees across 24 locations, Trinity Healthcare Specialized in the operation and management of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities throughout Texas. Ryan was previously the Chief Financial Officer of a senior housing operator with locations across multiple states. Ryan was also previously a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young in the Dallas and New York offices. In addition to leading Trinity Healthcare, Ryan was appointed Chair of the Texas Health and Human Services Long-Term Care Facilities Council and serves on the board of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Fort Worth Chapter of YPO, and the Texas Health Care Association. In 2019 he was recognized as a Healthcare Hero by the Fort Worth Business Press. He is a Certified Public Accountant and received a BBA and Masters in Professional Accounting from The University of Texas at Austin. Ryan lives in Fort Worth with his wife and four children.

Clay Lamb

Clay Lamb is an Acquisitions Engineer and Partner at AmericaWest Resources, LLC. Clay has 15 years of oil and gas evaluations, acquisitions, engineering and management experience. Prior to AmericaWest, Clay was a Completions. Reservoir and Acquisitions engineer for Fasken Oil & Ranch, Ltd. He has evaluated and participated in the completion of 1,000s of wells throughout the Permian Basin and the State of Texas. Clay understands the complexities of multi-generational mineral asset management and serves as a key advisor to Valor.