Valor is a comprehensive mineral management firm driven by industry experts who leverage proprietary software to provide security, clarity and revenue optimization for our clients.

Up-to-date on the status of your assets, compensated correctly, prepared for reporting requirements, confident your data is secure and 

ready to leverage new leasing opportunities

We provide clarity through:

Regular and open communication, access to real-time insights about your assets, 

effective data storage and efficient document organization

We optimize your mineral assets through:

New opportunities, industry expertise, audit capabilities and identifying missed revenue.  


“Valor’s team of attorneys, CPAs, oil and gas experts and landmen are trusted advisors who have provided mineral management guidance and clarity to our family for more than five years.”

-Watt Reynolds, Reynolds Cattle

Toll-free: (844) 307-6730

Local: (817) 370-0612


6300 Ridglea Place, Suite 212

Fort Worth, Texas 76116-5704


PO Box 470578 

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